Apparently I started asking my parents for a violin when I was two years old and I actually got one for my 3rd birthday but wasn’t big enough to play it until I was 4. I have been taking lessons ever since with the same wonderful teacher Nancy Lokan. I  feel newly motivated to take violin more seriously and with longer practices so I can improve my technique. Here are a few videos that show my evolution as a violin player.


Songs from my Hugh’s Room Performance

I was so blessed to be able to participate in Jane Harbury’s wonderful Discoveries Series in February. I got to play along AHI, Ian Janes and Avery Florence. They were all incredibly talented and it was a huge honour to share the stage with them!   Here is some video from that night. Enjoy!



Jar of Pennies

When I left Ontario for a summer in Nova Scotia, I had no idea that I would have such an amazing experience at the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival. In this video you can see how fun it is to jam and write with a bunch of other people.

Living in the Attic

This is a song I co-wrote with the instructors and participants at the Lunenburg Folk Harbour Festival Youth Songwriting workshop.  It was an amazing experience to work with such wonderful people, musicians and songwriters. I hope I will get to share a stage again someday with Ben Caplan, Carmel Mikol and Keith Mullins and Benjamin Rogers.









Get me Through December, December 2012

This was an early performance where Brighid did a long set with 5 songs while only 9 years old. This is a gorgeous cover of a Natalie McMaster tune sung by Alison Krauss (and incorporating the beautiful fiddle tune Neal Gow’s Lament). She forgets the words in one part but recovers with humour and grace.