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Thank you Hillside!

I had so much fun getting to be a part of Hillside Inside 2017!  The Girls and Guitars course was amazing and it was so fun to debut a song that Pascale and I wrote in the car on the way home from one of our sessions in Guelph. I also performed a new song inspired by a Fairy Tale. I am pretty happy with it and can’t wait to share it with you. In the meantime, here is our untitled song from Moscow Apartment and some pics from the festival.  Thanks again Hillside and Doris Folkens for leading such a great course!


Introducing our new project: Moscow Apartment


First a little bit about us:

Brighid and Pascale met as young members of the Viva Youth Singers, one of the top children’s choirs in Toronto. After several seasons of singing in the Nutcracker for the National Ballet (so yes they have technically already sung at the Four Seasons Centre), they established a friendship that would survive into their teens. Both are grads of Girls Rock Camp and take lessons & coaching from the one of a kind, talented den mother to feminist musicians across the city, Kritty Uranowski. Brighid & Pascale performed their songs together at The Tranzac & Burdock before officially launching their project Moscow Apartment in early 2017.

The two of us are just finishing up a Girls & Guitars songwriting course through Hillside and performing as part of Hillside Inside this coming weekend.  Expect much more. We are just getting started.

Looking back on the Burdock Show

Asa and me got to play at The Burdock Music Hall and it was an amazing experience. So many of our friends and family came out and we had quite a few people arrive who neither of us knew so that was cool!  I also got to sing two songs with Pascale as a bit of a preview to our new project. See the post about  Moscow Apartment for more info on that!

Here are some pictures & videos from the show:

2017-01-12 Brighid_Burdock_002

2017-01-12 Brighid_Burdock_003 2017-01-12 Brighid_Burdock_004



Some new tunes, getting ready for a new record!

It is hard to believe it has already been 2 years since I launched my first Indiegogo to raise money to record my first EP. I was humbled by the positive response and am proud that Fox Hats came out before I was a teen and that the record still resonates with lots of of people. Thank you so much to everyone who helped me along the way!

My songwriting and musical explorations have evolved a lot over the last 2 years and I am ready to put out a second full length record. Here are some demos of songs that will be a part of what I put on the record.  Feedback welcome!

A LONG Update!

I haven’t been very proactive at updating my website and there have been a lot of exciting developments in my music career and I want to get better at sharing them! I tend to capture most things on social media so please do consider following me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

I entered my song Cool Cruel in the CBC Searchlight Contest. I didn’t win but I learned a lot, discovered a bunch of new artists and even got a few new fans. All and all it was a great experience. Around that time, I found out that I won the scholarship to SongStudio which was really exciting.

I entered Cool Cruel in the competition for the Barrie Youth Songwriter’s Showcase and was chosen to be one of eight young songwriters from across Ontario. It was a little intimidating because I was the youngest but it was tons of fun and I learned a lot!

13403968_711430145662038_6540691249678128582_o 13403941_711429935662059_6575514300791320349_o

The day after the Barrie Showcase, I was scheduled to perform at Field Trip, the amazing festival put on every year by Arts & Crafts. It was so exciting to be on the docket with Basia Bulat and Jason Collett and play at a festival that featured Lennon & Maisy, Plants & Animals as well as Robyn. Sadly a big storm came through and the festival was shut down for a couple of hours right before I was scheduled to play. It was such a bummer. The silver lining was I got to meet Lennon & Maisy and hang out on their tour bus!

13323548_1032208843536302_5004679360221625368_o 13340285_711442695660783_3438821532230234582_o 13417650_714921898646196_4793328858898130586_n

I started playing with my friend Asa’s band The Kingdom of Birds in the Spring and I am now officially a member! We had some gigs in June at the Dundas West Fest and at the Open Tuning Festival where I also had a solo set. The next weekend I played at the CD launch for the newest Kingdom of Birds album at the Cameron House. It was so cool to play at such a historic venue.

13497908_283675648643250_1569384543821277377_o 13307220_275698549440960_6051169198995731637_n 13418528_282172398793575_347568486580060864_o (2) 13411798_282172468793568_4177894531346640424_o (2)


In June, I played one of my all time favourite shows at the Beverley School in Toronto. This school is such a magical place and somewhere that music is really appreciated. I was inspired to go after attending the Dream Serenade last year and can’t wait to play again this year at the school.

I also took two days of school in June to be in the newest Rae Spoon Video for their amazing song “I hear them calling” which was a great antidote to the horrific Orlando massacre and a fun way to celebrate the LGBTQ community and push back against the stupid transphobic bathroom laws. And my final music thing in June was getting to play one of my songs with Patti Cake at the Silver Dollar. The night featured Hex, Pins & Needles, Patti Cake (me for one song) and this incredible duo of young sisters called Skater Polley.


Shortly after that show, I hopped on a plane and went on an epic cycling adventure through the Andes in Peru. I brought my ukulele and played a little but I was usually too exhausted to write much. I literally arrived home in Toronto and went right into the Song Studio where I got to work alongside some master songwriters. It was so amazing getting to work with Amanda Walther (from Dala), Ember Swift, Dan Hill, Mark Jordan, Blair Packam, Jessica Mitchell and many others. I was especially inspired by Jessica Mitchell and became a fan girl immediately. I was pretty exhausted from my Peru trip so I can’t wait to do Song Studio again when I haven’t been cycling for two weeks in the mountains right before. This is a do every year kind of experience with an incredible community and I highly recommend it!


13692996_1409959702363890_2487431688550805197_o 13734983_1413255172034343_3098581640546557046_o 13754422_10154277259887394_8048947296069986489_n (1)

In August, I went to Blue Skies with my Mom and got to play one of my originals with my first guitar teacher Lori Cullen at a workshop about Rain themed songs. I also spent the month working on guitar and mandolin with my fantastic teacher Joel Schwartz.

I have been busy writing new songs and getting demos ready for my new album. My awesome music teacher Kritty has launched her own label/school of sorts called Lady Pineapple Records and if you go to her soundcloud, some of my demos are featured. I am starting to look into funding, figuring out how to write grant applications and approaching people to help produce it. I will be launching an Indiegogo in the coming weeks so stay tuned!

Cqv_H-QXgAA0-FF Cqv-aE6VIAAod18

I got to play in August at the launch of the Shameless Magazine Music Issue. I love playing for Shameless and I even discovered that they did my first EP review! Earlier this month I played at the launch for a new book called Girl Positive by Caia Hagel and Tatiana Fraser. I’ve started reading the book and it is so far really great!

I have been busy with Kingdom of Birds (we’ve played a few shows and even performed out of town in Kingston) and missed going to the Toronto Independent Music Awards where I was nominated as Young Songwriter of the Year because I was double booked for a show in Kingston.



I’ve been spending the last few weeks jamming with the Hidden Cameras and joined my friend Joel for the Toronto launch of his new album Home on Native Land. I got to play mandolin at the McMichael Gallery with some stellar musicians and two days later Kingdom of Birds played at Harbourfront as part of the Bookbash/International Festival of Authors.

14917222_789446481193737_8961058569393718959_o (2)299dd95df3b8b92f3b428f5d125db01714937297_348366642174150_1547760149737086359_n

So that is what has been going on with me. I was thinking that things were slow but writing it all out, I realize I have been working hard and making some amazing progress at this thing called being a musician!

On the horizon: Making a video with Kingdom of Birds, attending the Canadian premiere of Play Your Gender in Hamilton followed by a show with Asa at This Ain’t Hollywood. I am starting a monthly matinee residency at the Tranzac Club and looking for more opportunities to peform live while I put togeher my next record. Stay tuned!


Apparently I started asking my parents for a violin when I was two years old and I actually got one for my 3rd birthday but wasn’t big enough to play it until I was 4. I have been taking lessons ever since with the same wonderful teacher Nancy Lokan. I  feel newly motivated to take violin more seriously and with longer practices so I can improve my technique. Here are a few videos that show my evolution as a violin player.


Songs from my Hugh’s Room Performance

I was so blessed to be able to participate in Jane Harbury’s wonderful Discoveries Series in February. I got to play along AHI, Ian Janes and Avery Florence. They were all incredibly talented and it was a huge honour to share the stage with them!   Here is some video from that night. Enjoy!



Video from the Imagine October 20th concert on September 30th

2015-09-30 ImagineOct20 concert_008 2015-09-30 ImagineOct20 concert_004 2015-09-30 ImagineOct20 concert_005 2015-09-30 ImagineOct20 concert_006 2015-09-30 ImagineOct20 concert_007

I was so fortunate to get to perform at the #Imagine October 20th show which took place at the Randolph Theatre on September 30th. It was humbling and exciting to share the stage with Emm Gryner, Sarah Slean, Whitehorse, Dave Bidini, Torqui Campbell, Caroline Brooks, Jason Collett, Charles Spearin, the Queer Songbook Orchestra, Lowell, Lizzie Powell, Damian Rogers, Matt Masters , Donovan Woods, Brave Shores, Joseph Boyden, Brigette De Pape, the Sadies and FEIST!!!  It was also amazing to see so many people I respect, look up to and have grown up listening to bring together music and politics (or in the case of Joseph Boyden,  books and politics,,,,,my parents have talked at great length about how they can’t wait until I am old enough to read his books. They made my Mom cry a lot. People seem to really LOVE his books.)

Anyway, September 30th was one of the best nights of my life although it was pretty intimidating playing with so many superstars. And I actually think that this movement has been part of the exciting wave of getting people out to vote against Stephen Harper.  I can’t wait to wake up to a new and better Canada on October 20th.

Here is my song from the show. It is my newest original called Cartwheel:



And here is the video from the amazing participatory rendition of I Feel It All.  Feist is so phenomenal and Lysh is the coolest on the guitar!