Introducing our new project: Moscow Apartment


First a little bit about us:

Brighid and Pascale met as young members of the Viva Youth Singers, one of the top children’s choirs in Toronto. After several seasons of singing in the Nutcracker for the National Ballet (so yes they have technically already sung at the Four Seasons Centre), they established a friendship that would survive into their teens. Both are grads of Girls Rock Camp and take lessons & coaching from the one of a kind, talented den mother to feminist musicians across the city, Kritty Uranowski. Brighid & Pascale performed their songs together at The Tranzac & Burdock before officially launching their project Moscow Apartment in early 2017.

The two of us are just finishing up a Girls & Guitars songwriting course through Hillside and performing as part of Hillside Inside this coming weekend.  Expect much more. We are just getting started.